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Pastor Jermaine Weeden is a man of integrity that believes in preaching and teaching the true and uncut Word of God. Not only does he preach and teach the Word of God, he also believes in exhibiting an exemplary character and a lifestyle that reflects what he preaches. Pastor Weeden is a man that truly loves God and set aside time to seek God for direction daily. Pastor Jermaine Weeden is a resident of Marion, Arkansas. He is the proud parent of four beautiful children. Pastor Weeden is a graduate of Southeast College of Technology with a degree in Computer Information Science.


Pastor Weeden has been preaching and teaching the Word of God for nearly thirteen years. He is the Pastor of Kingdom Deliverance International Ministries in Gilmore, Arkansas. Kingdom Deliverance is a non-denominational deliverance ministry that accepts people of all race, creed, color, gender, and ethnic background. It is a church with an “open hand and an open heart to the Kingdom of God”. Kingdom Deliverance believes in serving the community and being a helping hand to those in need. Pastor Weeden is on a mission to utilize every platform that God gives him to lead souls to Christ. Kingdom Deliverance promotes “No Soul Left Behind”. Pastor Jermaine Weeden is committed to pleasing God, serving the community and equipping the people of God to go out and win more souls to the kingdom. We believe in miracles, signs and wonders and the prophetic voice of God our Father.

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